If you are curious, committed or somewhere in-between, we provide a comfortable, safe place for you to take the next step in your journey. Each participant uses the same “workbook” Bible for easy page references. Whether you’re a first-time Bible study participant or a veteran, our Bible studies are designed to meet you where you are.

HAPPINESS, HARDSHIP & RESILIENCE: Jesus through the Eyes of Matthew, will help you:

Opinions about Jesus blast about like a tornado. The curious are hesitant to step into the whirlwind. Their questions go unanswered. The committed often become disillusioned.

Step out of the raging storm of opinion slinging, and SEE for yourself the facts about Jesus, followed by Jesus’ teaching. Then you can confidently decide how you want to move forward.

No matter where you find yourself today, we have created a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for you to learn more about Jesus .

Together we will SEE the happiness, hardship, and resilience of living a life by the example and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. We will uncover five practical steps for living a resilient, God honoring life, which is not derailed by happiness or hardship.

HAPPINESS, HARDSHIP & RESILIENCE: Jesus through the Eyes of Matthew, will help you:

Heal from past hurts.
Handle the daily struggles of life with purpose.
Hope for the “messy now” and hope for the future.
Hold confidently to what you know to be true about Jesus.
Harness the faithfulness of God, to propel you forward with confidence.

The New Inductive Study Bible is the workbook used for each of the Book Club Bible Studies. This format includes guided self-study throughout the week and weekly small group discussion. We’re so excited for this study and we hope you bring a friend!

FREE if you have the Bible workbook
$35.00 for the Bible workbook and supplies

Questions?  E-mail Ryan Kelsheimer at ryan@lhc.org or call 512.899.8333.
We look forward to seeing you there!


When, Where, & Leader Names:

Tuesdays @ 6:30am – Westlake at Lola Savannah Coffee – Dave Whittington
Wednesdays @ 7:00am – Lakeway at The Grove on 620 – John Aoueille & Warren Sumner
Wednesdays @ 7:30am – Dripping Springs at Mazama Coffee at 301 Mercer St – Russell Wilson
Thursdays @ 6:45am – Westlake at Panera Bread – Steve Dalbey & Mike Watson
Thursdays @ 6:30am – Westlake at Lola Savannah Coffee – Gary Bixler, Jim Sikes & JT Keating
Thursdays @ 8:00am – Lakeway at The Grove on 620 – Aaron Webb & Guy Clayton
Fridays @ 7:00am – Downtown at Dominican Joe’s – Craig Enoch & Cary Karnstadt
Fridays @ 7:30am – Lakeway Starbuck’s in Randalls – Barry Johnson & Chris Dregits
Fridays @ 7:00am – Lakeway at The Grove on 620 – David Edgar & Aaron Adams
Fridays @ 7:45am – Lakeway at Panera Hill Country Galleria – Hank Stringer, Paul Polansky, Billy Meyer, & Chris Mashburn
Fridays @ 8:00am – Lakeway at Mimi’s Hill Country Galleria – Whitney Newton & Sam Cooper



Small groups meet in homes across Austin AND at Lake Hills Church beginning the week of September 19th. In addition to meeting in homes, we’re excited to offer a study at church on Monday mornings with a childcare component ($5/hr/child, your child (infant – 5 years old)). The prices listed above are for the WHOLE semester. Please note that childcare is ONLY available to those registered for the Monday study at the church.

When, Where, & Leader/Host Names:
Monday @ 6:00 am – Oak Hill – Ginger Craddock
Monday @ 9:30 am – Lake Hills Church – Sara Allard, Mary Arana, Whitney Wiseman, Kelly Underhill, Ashley Horne, & Ginger Craddock
Tuesday @ 10:00 am – Lakeway – Natalie Jordan & Delora Jee
Tuesday @ 7:00pm – Lake Hills Church – Christie Johnson, Gwen Mrva, Sara Soenen, Karen Mitchell, Elizabeth Newton & Elizabeth Dregits
Tuesday @ 6:30 pm – Central  Austin – Laura Schulenburg & Kay Enoch
Thursday @ 10:00 am – Barton Creek – Deborah Meyer & Diane Nicholas